Story: An employee complains to his boss – How to get ahead

Story: An employee complains to his boss – How to get ahead

1. The Story

One day, two childhood friends, Sonu and Monu, went looking for a job. They both applied to the same company and, as luck would have it, they were selected.

Both of them work hard. After working for a few months, Sonu got a promotion, while Monu did not. The boss liked Sonu very much and always kept him close to him. Monu sees this and starts to be jealous of Sonu. He wonders why Sonu is the only one to get a promotion and not him.

One day, the boss called Monu for a job. When Monu arrived in the boss's office, he refused to work, saying, “We started working together in this company at the same time and we both worked hard for this company, but only Sonu got promoted. I don't want to work here anymore.

Monu kept complaining, the boss listened to his complaints calmly. When Monu finished complaining, his boss said, “Monu, I know you work very hard, but it is not enough to get you a promotion.

Monu was still arguing and did not want to understand.

Finally, the boss said, “Okay, fine. I'll give you a promotion and a higher salary than Sonu, but for that you have to do something.

Monu agreed.

Boss said, “You go out in market and check how many banana sellers are there.

Monu went and came back, he told Boss, “There was only one banana seller in market.

Boss said, “Ok. Now go and ask him about the price of banana.

He went to market again and came back to Boss and said, “Banana cost is 60rs per dozen.

The boss said, “Okay. Now I will give the same job to Sonu. You wait and watch.

Monu hid in a corner of the office. The boss called Sonu and asked him to do the same.

When Sonu returned, he informed his boss: “Sir, there is only one banana seller in the market, and he sells them for 60rs a dozen. But if we buy his lot, he will sell it at half that price, which means 30rs a dozen.

He has 30 dozen bananas. If we buy them all and sell them for 60rs a dozen, we can make a good profit.

Monu was standing in a corner, listening to their conversation. When he heard Sonu's answer, he was surprised and realized his mistake. He apologized to the boss for his mistake and continued to work in that office.

2. Moral of the story

Hard work is not always enough in life, along with hard work, it is also very important to think smart.

3. Ethical value of the story

The Ability (to do something smart): The Ability is defined as the knowledge, experience, and skill that an individual or group brings to a particular task or activity. It also means the sufficiency of strength to accomplish something, especially the physical and mental quality to perform activities.

What does it mean to be smart?

  • Being smart, much like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder
  • Being smart is something that you can be in one domain, but not in another domain, similar to how you can be confident in your professional life but not in your dating life
  • Being smart is something that’s grown and cultivated, often by being curious enough to seek out new information and by recognizing what you don’t already know
  • Being smart is the ability to put ideas together, and create solutions to problems
  • Being smart is the ability to focus, concentrate, and communicate

4. Quote of the week

A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them. — John C. Maxwell

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