Story: Meaning of True Friend - Interesting story about friendship

Story: Meaning of True Friend - Interesting story about friendship

1. The Story

Once there was a little girl named Lily who was very friendly and popular in her class. She was friends with everyone in her class. There was no one in the class who didn't like her.

She was very nice and was always busy with her friends. She was very happy to have so many friends at school and in her neighborhood.

On Friendship Day, their class held an event where everyone had to make three gifts and give them to their best friends. Lily was very excited about the arrival of Friendship Day and was expecting gifts from her friends.

However, when all the gifts were shared among the classmates. She was the only one who did not receive any gifts.

She felt bad and cried a lot. She told herself that it was impossible. She had tried so hard to be friends with everyone and had made so many friends, but in the end, no one considered her one of her best friends.

Everyone came and tried to comfort her for a while, but everyone only stayed a short time before leaving. It was exactly what Lily had done to the others so many times.

That day, when she came home. Seeing her sad face, when her mother asked her the reason for her sadness, she asked, "Where can I find real friends?"

The mother was surprised by her question. When the mother asked, Lily told her about her day at school.

Her mother consoles her and says, "You can't buy friends with a smile or a few kind words. If you really want real friends, you'll have to give them time and affection. For a true friend, you must always be available, in good times and bad."

Lily replied, "But I want to be friends with everyone.... !!"

Her mother consoles her and says, "Honey, you're a lovely girl, but you can't be close friends with everyone. There is not enough time to be available for everyone, so you can only have a few real friends. The rest will be playmates or acquaintances, but they won't be close friends."

Upon hearing this, Lily realized that she had been a good companion and acquaintance, but she had not been a true friend to anyone. She had tried not to argue with anyone, she had tried to pay attention to everyone, but now she had discovered that this was not enough to create a true friendship.

Thinking about this, she realized that her mother was always willing to help her, that she put up with all of Lily's dislikes and problems, that she always forgave her and loved her very much.

Lily smiled from ear to ear, realizing she already had the best friend anyone could want.

2. Moral of the story

You can't be close friends with everyone. There is simply not enough time to be available for everyone, so it is only possible to have a few real friends. The others will be playmates or acquaintances, but they won't be close friends.

According to Aristotle, there are 3 types of friendship in life:

  1. Utility Friendship: is defined as the state of being useful and beneficial. It focuses on what one party is able to get from another.
  2. Friendship of pleasure: People love another not for what they are, but for the pleasure they get from them.
  3. The perfect friendship: People in this relationship are patient with each other and love is ingrained in their activities.

3. Ethical value of the story

Perfect friendship: The perfect form of friendship is that which exists between good people, and those who are similar in virtue. Indeed, these friends each wish the other well because of their goodness, and they are good in themselves, but it is those who wish their friends well for their friends who are friends in the full sense of the word, since they love each other for themselves and not by accident. Their friendship therefore lasts as long as they continue to be good, and virtue is a permanent quality.

Here are some quality of a good friend:

  • They live with integrity
  • You can trust them
  • "Dependability" is their middle name
  • They’re loyal
  • They have empathy for others
  • They’re good listeners
  • Their confidence is contagious
  • Spending time with them makes you feel good
  • They're non-judgmental

4. Quote of the week

A friendship can withstand most things and thrive in thin soil, but it needs a little mulch of letters, phone calls, and silly little gifts from time to time just to keep it from drying up completely. — Pam Brown

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