Small stories to better manage your time

Small stories to better manage your time

1. The businessman and the Greek fisherman

A businessman is on vacation in a small Greek village near the sea. He walks on the docks and looks at his colorful environment. He compliments a fisherman on his good catch.

How long did it take you to catch one of these fish?" He asks.

Not very long ”, replies the Greek “1 hour or 2 ”.

Then why didn't you stay longer to catch more?

Shrugging, the Greek explains that his catch was enough to meet his needs and those of his family.

The businessman then asks “But what do you do the rest of the time ?”

I sleep late, fish to eat, play with my children and take naps with my wife. In the evening, I go to the village to see my friends, I dance, play the bouzouki and sing. I have a full life.

The businessman said to him: “I have an MBA from Harvard, and I'm sure I can help you. You should start fishing longer every day. You will catch more fish which you can then sell.

With this money, you can buy yourself a bigger boat. With the money that the biggest boat will earn you, you can buy yourself a second boat and then a third and so on until you have a whole fleet of trawlers.

Rather than selling your fish to a middleman, you can negotiate directly with the sorting factory and maybe even have your own factory.

You will be able to sell fish all over the world and in time move to New York to run your huge business ”.

How long would that take? ” Asks the Greek.

Twenty, maybe twenty-five. ” Answers the businessman.

And after that? '

When your business is really big, you can go public and make millions! ” exclaims the businessman with zeal.

Millions ? _ Really ? And after that ?

Afterwards you can retire, live in a small village near the coast, sleep late, play with your grandchildren, fish, take naps with your wife, and spend your evenings singing, dancing and playing the bouzouki.

2. The Professor and the Bucket

A professor in a university gives a lesson on time management. On his desk is a bag of sand, a bag of pebbles, some large pebbles and a bucket.

He asks a volunteer to put everything in the bucket. The student then begins by putting the sand, then the pebbles and when the time comes to put the large pebbles, there is no more room in the bucket.

This is an example of poor time management.” said the teacher. “ If you had put the big pebbles in first, then the pebbles and finally the sand, everything would have gone in.

“It's just like time management. By completing your most important tasks first, you then leave space for slightly less important tasks and then for smaller tasks.

By completing your smaller tasks first, you spend so much time on them that you don't leave time for more important tasks.

Let me show you…

And the teacher fills the bucket again, first with the big pebbles, then the pebbles and finally the sand. He shakes the seal a little and everything fits perfectly.

Moral of the story

The moral of this story is that in order to manage our time better, it is essential to focus on our most important tasks before anything else, otherwise we risk filling our days completely with sand and never having time for what matters most.

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